J. E. Schroeder

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Humans have a remarkable capacity to learn and adapt, but surprisingly little research has demonstrated generalized learning in which new skills and strategies can be used flexibly across a range of tasks and contexts. In the present work we examined whether generalized learning could result from visual-motor training under stroboscopic visual conditions.(More)
The Interpersonal Perception Task-15 videotape served as a criterion measure to test hypotheses about individual differences in interpersonal perception. 160 undergraduates completed the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension Scale, the Shyness and Sociability Scale, and the Interpersonal Perception Task-15. Scores on the Communication Apprehension(More)
The visual system has developed to transform an undifferentiated and continuous flow of information into discrete and manageable representations, and this ability rests primarily on the uninterrupted nature of the input. Here we explore the impact of altering how visual information is accumulated over time by assessing how intermittent vision influences(More)
We've shown that pigeons can integrate separately acquired spatial maps into a cognitive map. Integration requires an element shared between maps. In two experiments using a spatial-search task in pigeons, we test spatial combination rules when no shared element was present during training. In all three experiments, pigeons first learned individual(More)
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