J. E. Roulston

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Captopril, a specific oral inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme, was given to 18 unselected patients with moderate essential hypertension. Mean blood pressure fell by 14.5% at the maximum dose given, and this fall was significantly correlated with the initial plasma renin activity. The main fall in blood pressure occurred two hours after the first(More)
We examined the prognostic value of early serum CA125 assay in 58 patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer together with residual disease, age, tumour grade, performance status, and the presence of ascites or adhesions at primary surgery. CA125 was a highly significant predictor of both progression free and overall survival after the first cycle and(More)
We assayed serum HMFG2 in serial samples from 215 primary epithelial ovarian cancer patients using an 'in-house' single determinant ELISA, 45% of patients with stage I, 54% with stage II, 61% with stage III and 75% with stage IV disease had elevated serum HMFG2. Post-operative levels were significantly related with residual tumour volume (P < 0.005), and(More)
Ten women with "idiopathic" edema had sodium and water retention and a rapid gain in weight when their accustomed intake of diuretics was suddenly stopped. The magnitude of these changes was directly related to the levels of plasma-rening activity before withdrawal of diuretics. Nine patients became edematous. Within 10 days of stopping diuretics,(More)
is but one example which highlights the search for serological tumour markers to facilitate earlier diagnosis of usually intractable disease. The rationale lies in the hope that earlier diagnosis will increase curability. Before looking at the claims of CA 242 and pancreatic cancer in particular, it is worth perhaps reconsidering what are the possible roles(More)
It is an appropriate time to bring together the various groups working in the UK on markers of breast and ovarian cancer. Physicians are interested in the problems of how to use markers for screening, management of advanced disease and increasing imaging and therapy targeting. These main areas of interest formed the basis of the sessions allocated for paper(More)
The use of electronic components with coated lead-free solder terminations in high reliability and safety products and equipment has risks for their long-term reliability caused by tin-wicker growth phenomena. A potential solution to this problem is to &#x201C;re-finish&#x201D; the package leads by removing the tin coating from terminations and replace with(More)
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