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Observing a clinical measurement for an individual is of little value, unless it can be compared with measurements obtained from a healthy population, thought of as standard. The range of measurements observed will, in general, vary with age or some function of time. The usual approach is to assume a distributional form for the population density, but this(More)
This article explores the pros and cons for reducing working hours in Europe. To arrive to an informed judgment we review critically the theoretical and empirical literature, mostly from economics, concerning the relation between working hours on the one hand, and productivity, employment, quality of life, and the environment, on the other. We adopt a(More)
Several different investigators have reported increased stroke mortality in the southeastern United States, leading to the introduction of the term "Stroke Belt." The results presented here from the Veterans Administration Hypertension Screening and Treatment Program (HSTP) demonstrate an increased all-cause mortality among hypertensive patients seen in(More)
We prospectively evaluated a total of nineteen symptoms, signs, and laboratory findings in 471 of 557 consecutive pediatric patients (from newborn to age 17) referred for barium enema examinations, to determine predictors of an abnormal study. A univariate analysis was performed, and a logistic regression model was developed. The most frequent indicators(More)
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