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For almost three decades researchers have sought to quantify the benefits of home and community care for the elderly, invariably assuming that such care would be an economical substitute for institutionalization. Twenty-seven studies that met rigorous criteria of design, size, and subject were analyzed and the results were synthesized to address the effects(More)
The current study used a paired stimulus paradigm to investigate the P1 midlatency auditory evoked potential in Vietnam combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and three comparison groups: alcohol dependents, combat-exposed normals, and combat-unexposed normals. Compared to each comparison group, PTSD subjects exhibited significantly(More)
BACKGROUND Much effort has gone into producing clinical practice guidelines, but relatively few studies address dissemination issues. Unless guidelines are used, little is gained. This study evaluates the effect of three methods to disseminate asthma guidelines on physicians' behavior and attitudes toward education strategies. METHODS Asthma guidelines(More)
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