J E Mendham

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The respiratory system has been shown to exhibit nonlinear mechanical properties in the frequency (f) range of normal breathing, manifested by tidal volume (Vt) dependence. Calculations of respiratory system resistance (R) and elastance (E) from pressure-flow measurements during external forcing at a given f may be ambiguous, especially if non-sinusoidal(More)
We measured total respiratory system and lung and chest wall resistances (Rrs, Rl, and Rcw) and elastances (Ers, El, and Ecw) in awake, relaxed human subjects during sinusoidal volume forcing at the mouth from 0.2 to 0.6 Hz with tidal volumes (VT) of 6 to 18% VC at constant mean airway pressure. In addition, we repeated measurements with the lowest VT at a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine whether tracheal insufflation of oxygen (TRIO) might be useful in field resuscitation of casualties with lung dysfunction. DESIGN Physiological measurements of cardiac and respiratory function were compared before and after oleic acid lung injury. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Beagles were studied in a laboratory. (More)
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