J E M H van Bronswijk

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Delusions of parasitosis is a rare disorder in which patients have the false and fixed belief that they are infested by parasites. It is a psychiatric disorder, but patients usually present to a dermatologist and referral to a psychiatrist is almost always rejected. Treating a patient with delusions of parasitosis requires patience and tact. The neuroleptic(More)
The development of a quick color reaction for guanine in house dust has made it possible to screen many homes for mite products of allergenic consequence. The azo dye methods are specific enough to be useful for the development of a sanitary standard. Comparing the guanine quantification results with mite counts and determinations of the mite antigen P1(More)
Poor indoor air quality has been implicated in the increase in allergic and respiratory diseases seen in industrialized countries in recent decades. Although air pollution in the workplace is well studied, much less is known about the consequences of poor air quality in homes. In an attempt to halt or slow down the increase in allergic and respiratory(More)