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This study investigated pointing movements in 3D asking two questions: (1) Is goal-directed reaching accompanied by self-motion, a component of the joint velocity vector that leaves the hand’s movement unaffected? (2) Are differences in the terminal joint configurations among different speeds of reaching motor equivalent (i.e., terminal joint configurations(More)
A method for accurately determining the end-point, >98% conversion, of the deprotection reaction of a highly toxic 9-fluorenylmethyl (Fm) ester 1b to its corresponding carboxylate 1d in real time by FT-IR spectroscopy is reported. Advantages of this method over analysis by conventional chromatographic means include real time determination of the end-point(More)
The analysis of parity nonconservation (PNC) measurements performed on 232Th by the TRIPLE Collaboration has been extended to include the neutron energy range of 250 to 1900 eV. Below 250 eV all ten statistically significant parity violations have the same sign. However, at higher energies PNC effects of both signs were observed in the transmission of(More)
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