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Among the major problems facing technical management today are those involving the coordination of many diverse activities toward a common goal. In a large engineering project, for example, almost all the engineering and craft skills are involved as well as the functions represented by research, development, design, procurement, construction, vendors,(More)
A new dual-screen, dual-emulsion-film combination that allows a decrease in radiation dose of approximately 66% was compared with a widely used single-screen, single-emulsion-film system in contact and magnification mammography. Clustered microcalcifications randomly superimposed on a breast phantom were detected, and the location and number of individual(More)
A simple analytical model is presented for the transport of secondary electrons at a photon beam edge using the energy averaged solution of the Boltzmann equation, originally developed for beta-ray dosimetry at a plane interface. Dose at a point under a block is assumed to be due to secondary electrons and the scattered photons generated from the primary(More)
within a leg or to another leg toward the root will always transfer directly. Calls to deeper legs will alternate dynamically between the two conditions stated above. On trapping, a reading routine can determine from the STR code if' the routine is already in core: if so, it "remem-bets" it. and changes it to a transfer; if not, it searches the subsystem(More)
To obtain concentrated suspensions of pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells *CFUS) from murine bone marrow, density gradient centrifugal sedimentation (DGCS) was combined with counterflow centrifugal elutriation (CE). This combination provided a 7.6 fold enrichment of the CFUS concentration. For DGCS, Percoll a suspension of silica particles coated with(More)