J. E. Jarvis

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Electromyographic and mechanical evoked twitch responses at the hand were observed simultaneously following suxamethonium. The intensity of neuromuscular blockade was assessed by comparison with their control heights of the responses obtained from both the force of thumb adduction and from the compound electromyogram (EMG). Surface electrodes placed(More)
Africa contains the greatest levels of human genetic variation and is the source of the worldwide range expansion of all modern humans. However, relatively little is known about genomic variation in ethnically diverse African populations. Knowledge of genetic structure within Africa has important implications for the design and implementation of disease(More)
The malignant epithelial cells of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) and cells of lines derived form the lymphoid cells which infiltrate this tumour have been investigated cytogenetically. Chromosome spreads of lymphoblastoid cells of lines established from 7 different NPC biopsy specimens were examined after banding staining. Banding was also applied to the(More)
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