J. E. Hance

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We have used a method for synchronously differentiating murine embryonic stem (ES) cells into functional neurons and glia in culture. Using subtractive hybridization we isolated approximately 1200 cDNA clones from ES cell cultures at the neural precursor stage of neural differentiation. Pilot studies indicated that this library is a good source of novel(More)
The human skeletal muscle yeast two-hybrid cDNA library was screened with the carboxyl-terminal region (the last 200 amino acids) of dystrophin. Two interacting clones were identified corresponding to alpha-actinin-2 and actin. Interactions between alpha-actinin, actin, and dystrophin were confirmed by the ligand-blotting technique, by colocalization of(More)
We have described two novel implantation serine proteinase (ISP) genes that are expressed during the implantation period. The ISP1 gene may encode the embryo-derived enzyme strypsin, which is necessary for blastocyst hatching in vitro and the initiation of invasion. The ISP2 gene, which encodes a related tryptase, is expressed in endometrial glands and is(More)
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