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Many cell types form clumps or aggregates when cultured in vitro through a variety of mechanisms including rapid cell proliferation, chemotaxis, or direct cell-to-cell contact. In this paper we develop an agent-based model to explore the formation of aggregates in cultures where cells are initially distributed uniformly, at random, on a two-dimensional(More)
Reconstructive microsurgery is a clinical technique used to transfer large amounts of a patient's tissue from one location used to another in order to restore physical deformities caused by trauma, tumors, or congenital abnormalities. The trend in this field is to transfer tissue using increasingly smaller blood vessels, which decreases problems associated(More)
Liver cell aggregates may be grown in vitro by co-culturing hepatocytes with stellate cells. This method results in more rapid aggregation than hepatocyte-only culture, and appears to enhance cell viability and the expression of markers of liver-specific functions. We consider the early stages of aggregate formation, and develop a new mathematical model to(More)
The behavior of mammalian cells within three-dimensional structures is an area of intense biological research and underpins the efforts of tissue engineers to regenerate human tissues for clinical applications. In the particular case of hepatocytes (liver cells), the formation of spheroidal multicellular aggregates has been shown to improve cell viability(More)
Mechanical interactions between cells and the fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM) in which they reside play a key role in tissue development. Mechanical cues from the environment (such as stress, strain and fibre orientation) regulate a range of cell behaviours, including proliferation, differentiation and motility. In turn, the ECM structure is affected by(More)
This study presents a structure-function analysis of the mammalian left ventricle and examines the performance of the cardiac capillary network, mitochondria, and myofibrils at rest and during simulated heavy exercise. Left ventricular external mechanical work rate was calculated from cardiac output and systemic mean arterial blood pressure in resting sheep(More)
Motivated by the aim of modelling the mechanical behaviour of biological gels (such as collagen gels) which have a fibrous microstructure, we consider the extensional flow of a thin two-dimensional film of incompressible, transversely isotropic viscous fluid. Neglecting inertia, and the effects of gravity and surface tension, leading-order equations are(More)
Automatic identification of the necrotic zone boundary is important in the assessment of treatments on in vitro tumour spheroids. This has been difficult especially when the difference in cell density between the necrotic and viable zones of a tumour spheroid is small. To help overcome this problem, we developed novel one-dimensional pair-correlation(More)
BACKGROUND As part of the recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, chain restaurants with 20 or more locations nationwide will soon be required to post calorie information on menus with the aim of helping customers make healthier food choices. To be effective, this policy must affect all customers, especially those most at risk for poor(More)