J. E. Foster

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Our objective was to test the hypothesis that diurnal changes occur in thickness or volume of the femoral articular cartilage of the knee in asymptomatic young adults. Fat-suppressed three-dimensional (3D) spoiled gradient-echo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was employed. Six volunteers each were scanned early in the morning and at the end of a working(More)
Bat coronaviruses (Bt-CoVs) are thought to be the precursors of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. We detected Bt-CoVs in 2 bat species from Trinidad. Phylogenetic analysis of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene and helicase confirmed them as group 1 coronaviruses.
Buggy Creek virus (BCRV) is an unusual arbovirus within the western equine encephalitis complex of alphaviruses. Associated with cimicid swallow bugs (Oeciacus vicarius) as its vector and the cliff swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) and house sparrow (Passer domesticus) as its amplifying hosts, this virus is found primarily in the western Great Plains of(More)
Local transmission of Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) was first documented in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) in July 2014 preceding a large epidemic. At initial presentation, it is difficult to distinguish chikungunya fever (CHIKF) from other acute undifferentiated febrile illnesses (AUFIs), including life-threatening dengue disease. We characterised and compared(More)
There is an error in the third sentence of the second paragraph of the Discussion section. At the end of this sentence there should be a link to Reference 17 instead of reading (REF). The correct sentence is: Additional sequencing would be required to confirm whether other lineages or genotypes have been circulating in the Caribbean as has been the case in(More)
The uses of infant mortality data for health planning at the local level were discussed in Statisticril Note for Health Planners No. 2.1 Its associated data supplement provided infant mortality rates by health se~ice area for 1969-73 and 1974-75. These data have been updated through 1977 for the present Note, which provide: additional perspectives on the(More)
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