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Eight hundred sixty-six patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) were enrolled in a prospective study to determine optimal predictors of long-term prognosis. During 12-month (mean) follow-up there were 65 cardiac deaths and 21 nonfatal repeat AMIs. Twenty-nine variables (from the history, physical examination, serum chemistries, ambulatory monitor,(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the therapeutic efficacy of antithyroid drugs for Graves disease. Sixty-nine patients were divided into three categories according to their response: 28 (40.6%) were unable to achieve a remission; 6 (8.7%) achieved a remission and subsequently had a relapse; and 35 (50.7%) were able to sustain a remission. The mean duration for(More)
Traditional L-thyroxine dosing formulas may overestimate the thyroid hormone requirement in patients treated with contemporary L-thyroxine preparations. We did clinical and laboratory assessments of 41 patients treated in successive periods with Levothroid (Armour Pharmaceuticals, Kankakee, Illinois) and Synthroid (Flint Division, Travenol Laboratories,(More)
Intraocular irrigating solutions of varying compositions and costs are available for cataract surgery. We studied preoperative and two months postoperative extracapsular cataract extraction and intraocular lens implant corneal endothelial cell size in two groups. One group had received an intraoperative irrigating solution of lactated Ringer's with dextrose(More)
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