J. E. Diaz-Zamboni

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Morphogenesis and architecture of a developing epithelium is controlled by both cell shape and contacts, mediated by spatially and temporally regulated cell adhesion molecules. The authors study if E-cadherin functions as a key factor of epithelial adhesion and epidermal architecture in vivo. They apply whole-mount digital deconvolution microscopy to(More)
Deconvolution of three-dimensional (3D) fluorescence microscopy images using computational restoration algorithms may be seen as a cheaper alternative to modern 3D microscopy techniques. We have recently developed a digital deconvolution microscope based upon a standard upright fluorescence microscopy setup, which allows us to perform precise(More)
New fluorescence microscopy techniques, such as confocal or digital deconvolution microscopy, allow to easily obtain three-dimensional (3D) information from specimens. However, there are few 3D quantification tools that allow extracting information of these volumes. Therefore, the amount of information acquired by these techniques is difficult to manipulate(More)
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