J. E. D. Dyson

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Root caries is common in institutionalized elders, and effective prevention methods are needed. This clinical trial compared the effectiveness of four methods in preventing new root caries. From 21 residential homes, 306 generally healthy elders having at least 5 teeth with exposed sound root surfaces were randomly allocated into one of four groups: (1)(More)
Successful use of atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) in children has been reported, but little information is available regarding its use in older adults. The hypothesis of this study was that survival rates of root restorations placed by both ART and the conventional technique were similar. Root-surface caries lesions in 103 institutionalized elders in(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the oral health status of institutionalized elderly in Hong Kong. METHODS Older adults in 56 elderly homes were clinically examined in the institution by one of two calibrated dentists using standard methods recommended by the World Health Organization. Information on their perceived oral health status and behaviour was obtained(More)
OBJECTIVES In a previous paper the flow and free running speed characteristics of dental air turbine handpieces were discussed. The present work was to continue the analysis and characterization of these handpieces by addressing the issues of torque, power generation, efficiency and the specification of figures of merit to aid comparative testing and(More)
OBJECTIVES Vibrations of dental handpieces may contribute to symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome in dental personnel and iatrogenic enamel cracking in teeth. However, methods for measuring dental handpiece vibrations have previously been limited and information about vibration characteristics is sparse. This preliminary study aimed to use a novel(More)
OBJECTIVES Dental air turbine handpieces have been widely used in clinical dentistry for over 30 years, yet little work has been reported on their performance. A few studies have been concerned with measurement of speed (i.e. rotation rate), torque and power performance of these devices, but neither investigations of functional relationships between(More)
Objective To demonstrate and quantify the discharge of lubricating oil from high-speed air turbine handpieces whilst running.Materials and methods Dye-marked oil (Kavospray, KaVo) was used to lubricate four handpieces (Quiet-Air, Midwest) and the air discharged from around the lower bearing was directed at the moving chart paper on a recorder whilst running(More)
The high-speed air turbine handpiece is currently used for most dental cutting procedures and has been in widespread use for more than thirty years. Although reports of its historical background have been previously published these have not dealt with all relevant developments and some inconsistencies exist. The history of the development of turbines and(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine how prepared for dental practice graduates from the integrated problem-based learning (PBL) dental undergraduate curriculum at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) perceive themselves to be and to identify factors associated with self-perceived preparedness. MATERIALS AND METHODS A postal questionnaire was sent to five cohorts of(More)