J. E. Corrigan

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The solitary endoparasite,Cotesia rubecula, was superior to the gregarious endoparasite,Cotesia glomeratus, in tests of intrinsic competition for their hostArtogeia rapae. When an egg ofC. rubecula was oviposited in the host prior to those ofC. glomeratus, C. rubecula always won the ensuing competition. When an egg ofC. rubecula was laid in the same host(More)
Fractures of the proximal humerus account for 4–5% of all fractures with 80% requiring no surgical treatment. However, the management of the other 20% remains controversial. This study followed a series of 27 patients who had proximal humeral internal locking system (PHILOS) plate fixation of their proximal humeral fractures. All patients were followed up(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine differences in life satisfaction at 1-year post-TBI among Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and Asian individuals with TBI, after adjusting for covariates that significantly differ between ethnic groups and/or affect the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) at one year post-injury. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING(More)
Unstable fractures of the distal radius can be stabilised with Kirschner wires. The K wires need to be removed after five to six weeks. The authors surveyed 100 consecutive patients with distal radial fractures treated with percutaneous Kirschner wires that were left buried under the skin. Group A had 50 patients who had such wires removed under local(More)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a prevalent and highly disabling psychiatric disorder that is notoriously difficult to treat. At some point in their lifetimes, 5-8% of men, 10-14% of women, and up to a quarter of combat veterans carry this diagnosis. Despite pharmacological and behavioral therapies, up to 30% of patients are still symptomatic 10(More)
Several inconstant skull base foramina can be observed on multi-detector-row computed tomographic studies. These include the meningo-orbital foramen, foramen of Vesalius, canaliculus innominatus, palatovaginal canal, persistent craniopharyngeal canal, transsphenoidal canal, canalis basilaris medianus, and fossa navicularis. Although many of these foramina(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based practice (EBP) gaps are widespread across health disciplines. Understanding factors supporting the uptake of evidence can inform the design of strategies to narrow these EBP gaps. Although research utilization (RU) and the factors associated with EBP have been reported in several health disciplines, to date this area has not been(More)
This paper outlines the audit that was conducted to gauge the efficiency of the Elective Pre-operative Assessment Clinic in the Department of Orthopaedics, Kilcreene Orthopaedic Hospital, Kilkenny, Ireland. The study was conducted in 1999 when 380 patients were seen. Of these, 328 were on the waiting list for joint replacement and 52 for other elective(More)