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As an invariable accompaniment of the aging process, cardiac function declines, that is, cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate, and maximum oxygen consumption all decrease. The vital capacity declines as residual volume increases, and ventilation-perfusion imbalance increases. Muscles atrophy and weaken, joints stiffen, and bones are demineralized.(More)
The electronic mail server currently holds Release 60 of the GenBank Nucleotide Sequence Database^). We anticipate daily updates of the server's contents by the end of 1989, so the latest sequences will always be available. The server also contains the contents of the CONTRIBUTEDSOFTWARE directory, as previously maintained at the BIONET Molecular Biology(More)
Contingency table analysis has previously been used to detect sequence correlations in RNAs caused by either secondary or tertiary interactions. An approach known as matrix reduction is developed here as an alternative to the usual Chi square test. This approach is especially sensitive to covariation between equivalent positions and is effective at(More)
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