J E Camacho González

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We have a case of pelvic lipomatosis in a patient suffering from right flank pain and urinary syndrome. Before completing the diagnostic test, abdominal traumatism forced to perform a laparotomy of emergency. We found a great deal of retropubic mass with bladder rupture and thickened walls caused by perivesical fat. The anatomopathological diagnosis was(More)
OBJECTIVE External radiotherapy is considered to be a modality of treatment with a curative purpose for carcinoma de prostata. We have analysed a series of patients that received radical irradiation as treatment for tumor prostatic. We have the biochemical control results for these patients. We introduce the connection of the PSA nadir value (nPSA) and(More)
Prospective, randomized, multicenter study in 267 patients with complicated urinary infection from 9 hospitals nationwide. Drug treatment was either Ceftriaxone 1 g once daily parenterally or Cefotaxime parenteral 1 g 8 hourly for a minimum of 7 days. Patients were clinically, analytically and microbiologically evaluated before and after treatment to assess(More)
[6.8]3Cyclacene is an interesting belt-like structure displaying aromatic-non-aromatic alternation, which is useful to gain an understanding of the intramolecular and intermolecular interactions between the anisotropic cones in the magnetic behavior of such rings. From the analysis of certain components in an induced magnetic field and (13)C-NMR shielding(More)
We communicate a case of unilateral renal non visualization in the pyelogram after an external trauma, due to traumatic occlusion of the main renal artery. The etiology and pathogenesis are reviewed and the frequent associated injuries of other abdominal organs are emphasized. The Pyelogram, used as a screening technique, is useful, though in these(More)
The radical nephrectomy is considered to be the optional treatment for renal carcinoma. In the last years, the good results with partial resection shows conservadora surgery the most suitable treatment for well-localized bilateral renal tumours. In this cases dialysis is avoided, and the subsequent risk of immunological deficit and the higher possibility of(More)
This paper presents the results obtained with a C.F.C. type ureterosygmoidostomy technique described by us. A total of 25 patients aged between 52 and 74 years (mean age, 65 years), 23 (23/25) male and 2 (2/25) female were evaluated. 24 of the total 25 patients had infiltrant neoplasia of the bladder (pT2: 8; pT3a: 12; pT3b: 4) which was graded as(More)
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