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One of the main points in the design of a Multi-MW-class turbine is the size and weight of the total turbine. Gamesa has developed a converter system with a very high power density and low weight. The system is designed and tested to withstand very high short circuit currents, high vibrations and other wind turbine typical environmental aspects.
The converter system for the Gamesa G10x 4.5 MW wind turbine consisting of 6 parallel-connected converters and some of the converter system control algorithms are presented. The benefits of this solution compared with a solution with only one converter are higher reliability, higher efficiency and possibility of extremely low grid harmonics.
Lower body negative pressure (LBNP) remains an important device for the generation of orthostatic stress in the space flight environment as well as a tool to measure inflight and postflight changes in orthostatic response. These applied levels of LBNP have typically not exceeded 50-60 mm Hg negative pressure. Information is incomplete as to the levels of(More)