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BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS The prevalence of esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma in high-risk patients and the advantages of systematic Lugol staining during esophagoscopy have not yet been evaluated in a large prospective study. In this study we aimed to assess the prevalence of this type of tumor in high-risk patients, to examine the role of Lugol staining(More)
PURPOSE A retrospective study was set up to investigate active pathologic processes associated with sarcoidosis diagnosed in 32 patients. METHODS Eighteen patients had two identified granulomatous localizations (56%) and 14 patients had three localizations or more (27%). Comorbidity was noticed in nine patients (28% of cases). Sarcoidosis was associated(More)
Although several reports of sarcoidosis have been reported in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected patients treated with interferon-alpha, this association has never been described in nontreated HCV patients. We report two cases of sarcoidosis associated with chronic hepatitis C infection. The patients developed multivisceral sarcoidosis (cutaneous, lungs,(More)
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