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This is a case report of a female patient 20 years of age who died of congestive heart failure as the result of acute staphylococcal bronchopneumonia resulting from possible aspiration during apparent staphylococcal enterotoxicosis. The diagnosis was supported by the isolation of the same strain of Staphylococcus aureus from the lungs, tonsils, and(More)
A one-year-round study on pharyngitis incidence among the general population of a town (24,300 inhabitants) was carried out. All patients, with pharyngitis who visited health centres were examined clinically and mcirobiologically. The overall pharyngitis incidence rate and the streptococcal pharyngitis incidence rate were, respectively, 8.3 and 3.9 cases(More)
A prospective study of pharyngitis was carried out in the general population of twenty-two thousand in a small country town, over a period of ten weeks in the fall of 1984. It has been confirmed that, as in the past clinical diagnosis "streptococcal" and "nonstreptococcal" pharyngitis without microbiological examination is still highly inaccurate. From the(More)
An outbreak of severe dysentery-like disease developed in a pensioners' home in autumn 1979, with 30 out of 75 exposed persons becoming involved. The agent was E. coli O 164 (serotype 147) resembling Shigella in some of its properties. Positive cultivations were obtained from 18 patients out of a total of 54 subjects examined. The isolates produced(More)
In a long-term study, rates for group B streptococcus prevalence in the vagina and/or anus of nonpregnant women and pregnant women in the first trimester and in the second trimester were found as follows: 7.1%, 7.3% and 5.4% respectively. At delivery, positivity rates of 4.8% and 3.8% were found for mothers and newborns, respectively. Each pair of strains(More)