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By means of fluctuational electrodynamics, we calculate radiative heat flux between two planar materials respectively made of SiC and SiO2. More specifically, we focus on a first (direct) situation where one of the two materials (for example SiC) is at ambient temperature whereas the second material is at a higher one, then we study a second (reverse)(More)
We present a thermal rectification device concept based on far-field radiative exchange between two selective emitters. Rectification is achieved due to a large contrast between the two selective emitters' thermo-optical properties. A simple device constituted by two multilayer samples made of metallic (Au) and semiconductor (Si and HDSi) thin films is(More)
We demonstrate that a thermal transistor can be made up with a quantum system of three interacting subsystems, coupled to a thermal reservoir each. This thermal transistor is analogous to an electronic bipolar one with the ability to control the thermal currents at the collector and at the emitter with the imposed thermal current at the base. This is(More)
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