J Douglas Sellman

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OBJECTIVE To describe the extent of psychiatric disorder and mental health service utilization in a representative outpatient alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment sample in New Zealand. METHOD A total of 105 patients were randomly recruited from two outpatient AOD treatment services in New Zealand and completed a diagnostic interview within the first 2(More)
Novelty Seeking (NS) is a human personality trait in which impulsive, exploratory, and thrill-seeking behaviors are displayed. Dopaminergic genes have been prime candidates in the search for the genetic factors underlying NS because of the central role that dopamine plays in the brain's reward system. We have investigated whether there is an association(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes qualitative research that was carried out as part of a project aimed at drawing up a series of guidelines for the assessment and management for people with coexisting substance use and mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis. METHOD A core consultation team of 14 experts with experience in the areas of both substance use(More)
Despite the high rate of co-occurrence of major depression and alcohol dependence, the role of pharmacotherapy in their treatment remains unclear. In the new era of naltrexone for alcohol dependence, it is notable that only 1 study to date has examined the efficacy of antidepressant medication prescribed concurrently with naltrexone. We aimed to determine(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine characteristics of patients with social phobia (SP) in alcohol and drug treatment settings and to identify features distinguishing this group from patients with and without other psychiatric conditions. METHOD A random sample of 105 patients completing an initial assessment at two outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services were(More)
There is a growing interest in the comorbidity of "substance use disorder" and "problem gambling." although there has been little study specifically on people with "alcohol dependence" who are being treated in general alcohol- and drug-user outpatient settings. This study aimed to determine the nature and extent of gambling in a sample of 124 mild-moderate(More)
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