J. Doornbos

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The catadromous European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) undertakes a 6000-km spawning migration from its freshwater habitats to the Sargasso Sea. In large Blazka swim tunnels of 127 l, the physiological effect of such a prolonged swimming performance on sexual maturation in adult female eels was investigated. Two groups of eels were placed in swim tunnels for(More)
BACKGROUND Caesarean section (CS) rates are rising worldwide. In the Netherlands, the most significant rise is observed in healthy women with a singleton in vertex position between 37 and 42 weeks gestation, whereas it is doubtful whether an improved outcome for the mother or her child was obtained. It can be hypothesized that evidence-based guidelines on(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with ectopic pregnancy (EP) and low serum hCG concentrations and women with a pregnancy of unknown location (PUL) and plateauing serum hCG levels are commonly treated with systemic methotrexate (MTX). However, there is no evidence that treatment in these particular subgroups of women is necessary as many of these early EPs may resolve(More)
A 500 MHz and 300 MHz NMR study of the trinucleoside diphosphate 3'd(A2'-5'A2'-5'A) is presented. In addition, circular dichroism is used to study base stacking in the title compound. The complete 1H-NMR spectral assignment of the sugar ring proton signals is given. Information about the sugar ring (N- or S-type conformation) and about the backbone geometry(More)
A 500 and 300 MHz proton NMR study of the series of oligoarabinonucleotides 5'aAMP, 3'aAMP, aA-aA, (aA-)2aA and (aA-)3aA is presented. In addition, circular dichroism is used to study the stacking behaviour of aA-aA. The complete 1H-NMR spectral assignment of the compounds (except the tetramer) is given. Proton-proton and proton-phosphorus coupling(More)
In this paper the conformational analysis of the 2'-5' linked xylotrinucleotide xA2'-5'xA2'-5'xA is reported. The title compound is an analogue of A2'-5'A2'-5'A, which compound was shown to display inhibitive effects on protein synthesis. The complete 1H-NMR assignment of the high field spectral region of the xylose trimer is given. Modes of base-base(More)
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