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Vasopressin, oxytocin, neurophysin I and neurophysin II have been detected and quantitatively determined in the bovine pineal gland. The neurohormones and the neurophysins are present in all parts of the gland. The oxytocin concentration, however, is higher in the anterior part than in the posterior one. The ratio of oxytocin to vasopressin appears to be(More)
Perfusion of rat brain followed by immersion fixation with 2.5% glutaraldehyde-1% paraformaldehyde, purification of the first antisera and application of the unlabelled antibody enzyme method were used to specifically identify vasopressin and oxytocin containing cells and fibres. The conventional sites of production of these hormones were confirmed as(More)
Since vasopressin and oxytocin might be involved in processes of storage and retrieval of information in rats, the distribution of these hormones within the central nervous system was measured employing sensitive and specific radioimmunoassays in combination with an extraction method using Vycor glass powder. Vasopressin was detected in hypothalamus,(More)
Because of the usually low spontaneous activity of oxytocin producing cells, the effect of low frequency (6 Hz) electrical stimulation of the pituitary stalk in vivo upon plasma oxytocin concentration, uterine contractions and intramammary pressure was studied. 30 min of stimulation increased plasma oxytocin concentration. The same type of stimulation(More)
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