J. Dinger

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BACKGROUND Whereas good data are available on the resuscitation of infants, little is known regarding support of postnatal transition in low-risk term infants after c-section. The present study was performed to describe current delivery room (DR) management of term infants born by c-section in our institution by analyzing videos that were recorded within a(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past years, research on neonatal resuscitation has focused on single interventions. The present study was performed to analyze the process quality of delivery room management of preterm infants born by c-section in our institution. METHODS We performed a cross-sectional study of videos of preterm infants born by c-section. Videos were(More)
Primary microcephaly and severe developmental delay are complex but unspecific signs pointing to various genetic or acquired diseases. A concomitant finding of hematological failure may lead to the differential diagnosis of rare genetic diseases such as chromosome breakage disorders or diseases associated with telomere dysfunction. X-linked(More)
Little has been published about the impact of different HT formulations or ways of administration on gyneco-logical cancer risk. Two population-based case-control studies in collaboration with regional cancer registries and tumor centers in Germany were performed. Some 777 cases of ovarian cancer (OvC) and 1026 cases of uterine corpus cancer (UC) were(More)
BACKGROUND Most studies have found no increased risk of colon cancer associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or even a decreased risk. But information about the effects of different HRT preparations is lacking. METHODS A case-control study was performed within Germany in collaboration with regional cancer registries and tumor centers. Up to 5(More)
BACKGROUND The Menopause Rating Scale is a health-related Quality of Life scale developed in the early 1990s and step-by-step validated since then. Recently the MRS scale was validated as outcomes measure for hormone therapy. The suspicion however was expressed that the data were too optimistic due to methodological problems of the study. A new study became(More)
Event correlation is a necessary component of systems management but is perceived as a difficult function to set up and maintain. We report on our work to develop a set of tools and techniques to simplify event correlation and thereby reduce overall operating costs. The tools prototyped are described and our current plans for future tool development(More)
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