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Efficiency of cimetidine in therapy and prevention of stress ulcer has been tested in a double blind study with endoscopic examination at the time of inclusion and a week later. This study concerns forty patients with severe cerebral disorders and prolonged coma. In preventive group (20 subjects) we noticed 55 p. cent of success under placebo and 37 p. cent(More)
Germa-closo-dodecaborate reacts with the elements sulfur, selenium and tellurium to give well defined products: [S-GeB(11)H(11)](2-), [Se-GeB(11)H(11)](2-) and [Te-GeB(11)H(11)](2-). The chalcogen adducts were characterized by single crystal structure analysis, NMR and IR spectroscopy. By using quantum chemical methods the nature of the germanium chalcogen(More)
The oxidation of closo-heteroborates [GeB11H11](2-) and [SnB11H11](2-) is presented. Upon oxidation germa-closo-dodecaborate yields a symmetrical dimer exhibiting a Ge-Ge bond between two clusters. This dimer shows sulphur insertion into the Ge-Ge bond at room temperature. In contrast, oxidation of the homologous tin cluster results in an unsymmetrical(More)
This article describes the synthesis and characterization of the first silver complex with the germylene [GeB11H11](2-) and coinage metal complexes with the stannylene ligand [SnB11H11](2-). Starting materials like CuCl, AuCl(Me2S), and AgNO3 were used to give mononuclear (3 and 4), dinuclear (5), hexanuclear (6), and heptanuclear (7) coordination(More)
The selenium adducts of germa- and stanna-closo-dodecaborate can coordinate at platinum via the selenium atom and result in the products [Pt(dppp)(Se-TB(11)H(11))(2)](2-) (T = Ge, Sn) (dppp = 1,3-bis(diphenylphosphino)propane). The monomeric tin compound [Pt(dppp)(Se-SnB(11)H(11))(2)](2-) is converted to a dimeric complex(More)
The strong nucleophilic character of germa-closo-dodecaborate towards late transition metal centres is described. The synthesis and characterisation of the first germa-closo-dodecaborate complexes are presented, and the solid state structures of the germaborate transition metal complexes were determined by X-ray crystal structure analyses. The strong trans(More)
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