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The surgical management of corrosive injuries of the stomach has not yet been clearly defined. This work analyses the results achieved with a surgical protocol included in a new therapeutic approach. This approach applied to 111 consecutive patients was based upon three points: (a) early fibroscopic examination, (b) protection of severe burns by total(More)
The existence of a relation between vitamin A and vitamin E and human cancers is supported by epidemiologic investigations. The aim of this study is to link the level of these vitamins to those of plasmatic protein carriers like retinol binding protein (RBP) and prealbumin (TTR), in three groups of subjects: healthy patients (n = 78), polyp (n = 34) and(More)
ment period with 0.1 p~g or 1.0 p~g of 16,16-dimethylpros tag landin E2. To avoid any additional antisecretory activity of this compound, higher doses of this prostaglandin analog were not tested. Our data demonstrate that 16,16-dimethyl-prostaglandin E2, in doses which presumably do not affect gastric acid secretion, is unable to protect human gastric(More)
Les fistules paraprothétiques sont des complications rares mais graves des prothèses aortiques abdominales. Le meilleur examen à visée diagnostique est l'endoscopie. Deux stades des lésions endoscopiques sont décrits. Le traitement est touours chirurgical. Le diagnostic porté avant l'intervention permet une conduite thérapeutique moins lourde pour le(More)
Le 12 ddcembre 1979, ?~ l'h6pital Salvator de Marseille, se sont r6unis 6 centres (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Nice, Paris) regroupant des centres anti-poisons, des services de r6animation g6n6rale ou digestive, et de chirurgie thoracique ou digestive, intdressds par les probl6mes pos6s par les atteintes corrosives du tractus digestif sup6rieur. Au cours(More)
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