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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Accurate early detection can effectively reduce the mortality rate caused by breast cancer. Masses and microcalcification clusters are an important early signs of breast cancer. However, it is often difficult to distinguish abnormalities from normal breast tissues because of their subtle(More)
Early detection of microcalcification clusters in breast tissue will significantly increase the survival rate of the patients. Radiologists use mammography for breast cancer diagnosis at early stage. It is a very challenging and difficult task for radiologists to correctly classify the abnormal regions in the breast tissue, because mammograms are noisy(More)
In this paper, a computerized scheme for automatic detection of cancerous lesion in mammograms is examined. Breast lesions in mammograms are an area with an abnormality or alteration in the breast tissues. Diagnosis of these lesions at the early stage is a very difficult task as the cancerous lesions are embedded in normal breast tissue structures. This(More)
Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of vision loss in diabetic patients. Currently, there is a need for making decisions using intelligent computer algorithms when screening a large volume of data. This paper presents an expert decision-making system designed using a fuzzy support vector machine (FSVM) classifier to detect hard exudates in fundus images.(More)
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