J. Desmet

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Dead-end elimination (DEE) is a powerful theorem for selecting optimal protein side-chain orientations from a large set of discrete conformations. The present work describes a new approach to dead-end elimination that effectively splits conformational space into partitions to more efficiently eliminate dead-ending rotamers. Split DEE makes it possible to(More)
The dead-end elimination theorem has proved to be a powerful method to reduce the theoretically accessible conformational space when modeling protein side chains by using a rotameric representation of possible conformations. In this work, theoretical details about variants to the original criterion are discussed. We also provide information on how the(More)
Although peritoneal dialysis (PD) is recognized as an effective renal replacement therapy (RRT) alternative to haemodialysis (HD), its prevalence is around 15% in most of the industrialized countries. In the French-speaking part of Belgium, PD is clearly underused with a prevalence of 8.7% in 2009. The main objectives of this work were to evaluate the(More)
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