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44 Friction stir welding (FSW) is a relatively new joining process that has exhibited many advantages over traditional arc welding processes, including greatly reducing distortion and eliminating solidification defects. Because melting does not occur and joining takes place below the melting temperature of the material, a very-high-quality weld can be(More)
Stage-specific activator protein (SSAP) is a 43-kDa polypeptide that binds to an enhancer element of the sea urchin late histone H1 gene. This enhancer element mediates the transcriptional activation of the late histone H1 gene in a temporally specific manner at the mid-blastula stage of embryogenesis. We have cloned cDNAs encoding SSAP by using polyclonal(More)
We have demonstrated that a highly conserved segment of DNA between positions -288 and -317 (upstream sequence element IV [USE IV]) is largely responsible for the transcriptional activation of the sea urchin H1-beta histone gene during the blastula stage of embryogenesis. This sequence is capable of acting as an embryonic enhancer element, activating target(More)
Stage specific activator protein (SSAP) is a member of a newly discovered class of transcription factors that contain motifs more commonly found in RNA-binding proteins. Previously, we have shown that SSAP specifically binds to its recognition sequence in both the double strand and the single strand form and that this DNA-binding activity is localized to(More)
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