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Microarray technology has emerged as one of the robust methodology for quantitatively analyzing gene expressions of thousands of genes simultaneously. The experimental design, image processing and data analysis are the three major stages of microarray based analysis. The main goal of array image processing is, to measure the intensity of the spots and(More)
Development of digital watermarking technology has enabled the copyright protection and content authentication of digital multimedia data. Watermarking technique for digital images uses either spatial or frequency domain method. This paper describes a discrete cosine transform (DCT) based blind watermarking method for digital images and its hardware(More)
Space systems demand some of the most precise and accurate technology. The body of space systems are subjected to many vibrations and shocks. To make sure their stable operation, these vibrations are monitored continuously at a higher sampling rate which results in large amount of data. The data is transmitted over a wireless network to the ground station.(More)
Speech and music signals are mainly subject to localized and globalized degradations. Localized distortions, such as clipping, and clicks, due to old recordings or scratched CDs where the intervals of distorted samples are surrounded by undistorted samples. Globalized degradation such as broadband noise, where whole samples are affected by noise. Audio(More)
In this paper, the multicast routing problem in wireless relay networks is considered. The resource allocation problem in IEEE 802.16j WIMAX Networks is discussed. The relay stations are used to improve the transmission quality in WIMAX networks. Most existing approaches try to reduce the energy consumption of a multicast tree. In contrast, the maximization(More)
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