J Deborah Holstein

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Astrocytes play an essential role in the maintenance and protection of the brain, which we reported was diminished with age. Here, we demonstrate that activation of a purinergic receptor (P2Y-R) signaling pathway, in astrocytes, significantly increases the resistance of astrocytes and neurons to oxidative stress. Interestingly, P2Y-R activation in old(More)
Age-related changes in astrocytes that could potentially affect neuroprotection have been largely unexplored. To test whether astrocyte function was diminished during the aging process, we examined cell growth, Ca2+ signaling, mitochondrial membrane potential (DeltaPsi) and neuroprotection of NGF-differentiated PC12 cells. We observed that cell growth was(More)
Caspase-2 plays an important role in apoptosis induced by several stimuli, including oxidative stress. However, the subcellular localization of caspase-2, particularly its presence in the mitochondria, is unclear. It is also not known if cytosolic caspase-2 translocates to the mitochondria to trigger the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis or if caspase-2 is(More)
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