J. Davy

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PREMO is a major new ISO/IEC standard for graphics and multimedia, which addresses many of the concerns that have been expressed about existing graphics standards. In particular, it addresses the issues of configuration, extension, and interoperation of and between PREMO implementations. This paper gives an overview of PREMO and highlights its most(More)
OBJECTIVES It has been estimated that up to 90% of the US population is exposed to at least 1 traumatic event during their lifetime. Although there is growing evidence that most people are resilient, meaning that they have the ability to adapt to or rebound from adversity, between 5% and 10% of individuals exposed to traumatic events meet criteria for(More)
MADE is the acronym for an ESPRIT III project aiming at the development of a programming environment for multimedia applications. The resulting software library is based on C++, and is planned to operate on UNIX Workstations as well as on PC{based platforms. This reports gives a technical overview of the project, and describes some possible application(More)
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