J. Davison de St. Germain

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SCIRun is a general purpose problem solving environment that seeks to integrate the steps of preparing, executing , and visualizing simulations of physical and biological systems. The implementation of SCIRun is by means of an interactive dataflow network consisting of modules and data pipes exposed as a visual programming language. SCIRun also contains(More)
The increasing complexity of high-performance computing environments and programming methodologies presents challenges for empirical performance evaluation. Evolving parallel and distributed systems require performance technology that can be flexibly configured to observe different events and associated performance data of interest. It must also be possible(More)
Technology for empirical performance evaluation of parallel programs is driven by the increasing complexity of high performance computing environments and programming methodologies. This paper describes the integration of the TAU and XPARE tools in the Uintah computational framework. Performance mapping techniques in TAU relate low-level performance data to(More)
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