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The gyral morphology of the region of the primary auditory cortex (PAC) in the human brain is highly variable, and possible asymmetries between the hemispheres have been noted since the beginning of the century. We mapped the location and extent of PAC as identified from gross anatomical landmarks in magnetic resonance scans that had been transformed into(More)
The pars opercularis occupies the posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus. Electrical stimulation or damage of this region interferes with language production. The present study investigated the morphology and morphometry of the pars opercularis in 108 normal adult human cerebral hemispheres by means of magnetic resonance imaging. The brain images were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This prospective, multicenter study was performed to determine the frequency of symptomatic complications up to 30 months after stroke using prespecified definitions of complications. METHODS We recruited 311 consecutive stroke patients admitted to hospital. Research nurses reviewed their progress on a weekly basis until hospital(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Transverse sinus stenosis is common in patients with IIH. While the role of transverse sinus stenosis in IIH pathogenesis remains controversial, modeling studies suggest that stent placement within a transverse sinus stenosis with a significant pressure gradient should decrease cerebral venous pressure, improve CSF resorption in the(More)
OBJECT Cerebral vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) continues to be a major source of morbidity in patients despite significant clinical and basic science research. Efforts to prevent vasospasm by removing spasmogens from the subarachnoid space have produced mixed results. The authors hypothesize that lumbar cisternal drainage can remove blood(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe and anatomically analyze the amount of exposure provided by an anterior subtemporal, medial transpetrosal approach to access the upper third of the basilar artery, ventral mesencephalon, pons, and posterior cavernous sinus. PATIENTS AND METHODS The outcomes of six patients who underwent surgical treatment via the anterior(More)
Annual incidence rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the Shetland Islands have been updated from 1938 to 1986. These reveal a significant decline in MS incidence beginning between 1951 and 1968. No significant change in prevalence, age-specific prevalence, duration of MS, or mean age of the MS population in Shetland has been found since the last survey in(More)
OBJECT Researchers at The Center for Neural Interfaces at the University of Utah have designed and produced a silicon-based high-density microelectrode array that has been used successfully in mammalian models. The authors investigate the ability to transfer array insertion techniques to humans and examine the acute response of human cortical tissue to(More)
Delayed traumatic intracranial aneurysms of the posterior circulation caused by nonpenetrating head injury are rare, especially in pediatric patients. The true incidence and natural history of these aneurysms are poorly understood. We report a case of a 15-year-old boy who initially presented with subarachnoid hemorrhage of the posterior fossa without any(More)