J. David Lambert

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During animal development, blast cell lineages are generated by repeated divisions of a mother cell into a series of daughter cells, often with a specific series of distinct fates. Nanos is a translational regulator that is involved in germline development in diverse animals and also involved in somatic patterning in insects. Recently, Nanos was found to be(More)
BACKGROUND Cellular hypoxia, if severe enough, results usually in injury or cell death. Our research in this area has focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying hypoxic tissue injury to explore strategies to prevent injury or enhance tolerance. The current experiments were designed to determine the genetic basis for adaptation to long term low O(2)(More)
Spiralian embryogenesis is deeply conserved and seems to have been in place in the last common ancestor of the large assemblage of protostome phyla known as the Lophotrochozoa. While the blastula fate maps of several spiralian embryos have been determined, little is known about the events that link the early embryo and the larva. For all cells in the(More)
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