J. David Lambert

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Alpha-terthienyl (α-T), a naturally occurring polyacetylene derivative from roots ofTagetes erecta L., and phenylheptatriyne (PHT), from leaves ofBidens pilosa L., were tested as possible allelopathic agents against four seedling species (Asclepias syriaca L.,Chenopodium album L.,Phleum pratense L.,Trifolium pratense L.).Asclepias was the most sensitive of(More)
The (E)-ferulic acid content of the grain of nine populations of land races of maize derived from CIMMYT's collections was found to be negatively correlated to susceptibility characteristics towards the maize weevilSitophilus zeamais. Correlation coefficients for six susceptibility parameters and (E)-ferulic acid content were significant and ranged from(More)
The traditional use of plants for medicine was studied in the Maya village of San José Succotz, Belize. Sixty-four species were collected and 106 remedies are described. The ethnobotany of Succotz is discussed in relation to traditional concepts of medicine, ritual and magic in treatment of illnesses, and biochemically active constituents of the plants. Use(More)
Factors contributing to resistance of maize to infestation by the corn weevilSitophilus zeamais were investigated in four populations of indigenous and improved maize from Belize. Resistance was related to the antifeedant properties of grain as well as sugar content and mechanical hardness. Grain extracts of all populations of maize significantly reduced(More)
This paper examines the pattern and extent of energy development in steppe landscapes of northeast Colorado, United States. We compare the landscape disturbance created by oil and gas production to that of wind energy inside the Pawnee National Grasslands eastern side. This high-steppe landscape consists of a mosaic of federal, state, and private lands(More)
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