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Research linking basal cortisol levels with internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in youths has yielded inconsistent results. We hypothesize that the high moment to moment variation in adrenocortical activity requires an analytical strategy that separates variance in cortisol levels attributable to "stable traitlike" versus "state or(More)
The diffusion of the Internet has radically expanded the readily available sources for information of all types. Information that was once obtained secondhand from friends and acquaintances—the traditional " two-step flow " —is now found easily through the Internet. The authors make use of survey data to explore this thesis in regards to information sources(More)
Recent evidence suggests there is an association between schizophrenia and dysfunction of the anterior hippocampus. Accordingly, this paper endeavors to show how the fundamental schizophrenic symptoms described by Bleuler might arise from deficiencies in normal hippocampal function. This effort is based on the idea that the hippocampus normally constructs a(More)
Objective. The public has a high interest in seeking personal genetic information, which holds implications for health information seeking research and health care policy. Rapid advances in cancer genetics research promise early detection, prevention and treatment, yet consumers may have greater difficulty finding and using the information they may need to(More)
The intersection of the genetics era and information age poses unique and daunting challenges for health consumers who may not have the health literacy to keep pace. While rapid advances in genetics research promise enhanced care, the inherent complexities and individualistic nature of genetic information have resulted in a challenging information(More)
The paper promotes the view that the alert brain alternates between operating in an action mode, based on frontal lobe function, and a receptive mode, involving cholinergic system activity. Their alternation forms a conversation with the environment. It is hypothesized that competition between the modes centers on control over excitability of neurons in the(More)