J. David Giese

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We have developed a novel, model-based active contour algorithm, termed "snakules", for the annotation of spicules on mammography. At each suspect spiculated mass location that has been identified by either a radiologist or a computer-aided detection (CADe) algorithm, we deploy snakules that are converging open-ended active contours also known as snakes.(More)
Reception and production aspects of musical ability were assessed in two studies of left cerebro-vascular accident (LCVA) and right cerebro-vascular accident (RCVA) patients and controls. Musical tasks included perception of rhythm and pitch variations in familiar and unfamiliar tunes; and production of a well-known song, three original melodies, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition in preventing the development of diabetic nephropathy (albuminuria greater than 300 mg/24h). DESIGN Open randomised controlled study of four years' duration. SETTING Outpatient diabetic clinic in tertiary referral centre. PATIENTS 44 normotensive (mean blood pressure(More)
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