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AIMS A rise in the incidence of radiorecurrent prostate cancer is to be expected, since approximately one third of early prostate cancer cases are nowadays treated with a radiotherapy modality. One possibility in treating radiorecurrent prostate cancer is salvage prostatectomy. Our objective was to look into our own experience with salvage radical(More)
Thyroidectomy for different thyroid disorders was conducted in 422 patients during 1978, after normal pre-operative laryngoscopy findings. Dissection of the recurrent laryngeal nerve was employed systematically in all patients except those having isthmectomy or enucleation operations, with a total number of 556 nerves dissected. Pre-and post-operative(More)
Kawasaki disease is acute self-limited vasculitis of unknown etiology that mainly affects infants and young children. Many different clinical aspects can be encountered. A single dose of intravenous immunoglobulin and treatment by aspirin are the standard therapy. Cases of immunoglobulin therapy resistance pose a real problem. We report on the case of a(More)
60 reconstructive procedures after T.C.P.L. for cancer were carried out between 1983 and 1988. The colon was used in 4 cases, complete stomach in 35 cases and free jejunal graft in 21 cases. The procedure was carried out for upper oesophageal involvement in 39 cases or required oesophageal resection in 21 cases. Hospital mortality was 3% (2 deaths).(More)
Between 1984 and 1990, 90 operations were performed for carcinoma of cervical and cervicothoracic esophagus. All tumors were squamous cell carcinoma. Of these patients, 78 underwent esophagectomy, and 12 had had a gastric by pass. Visceral remplacements employed the whole stomach. Only one cervicothoraco-laparotomy was performed. The operative mortality was(More)
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