J. Dardenne

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The subjective aspects of the doctor-patient relationship may impact disease management methods applied to migraine patients. This prospective study compared the medical attitudes of doctors towards migraine headache in relationship to their personal sensitivity to this disease. The study concerned data on the health care management of migraine headache by(More)
This work relates to the implementation of a 2D conditional random field model in the context of document image analysis. Our model makes it possible to take variability into account and to integrate contextual knowledge, while taking benefit from machine learning techniques. Experiments on handwritten drafts of Flaubert show that these models provide(More)
The biological evaluation of a natural sesquiterpene dimer meiogynin A 1, is described as well as that of five non-natural analogues. Although active on a micromolar range on the inhibition of Bcl-xL/Bak and Mcl-1/Bid interaction, meiogynin A 1 is not cytotoxic on three cell lines that overexpress Bcl-xL and Mcl-1. Contrarily, one of its analogues 6 with an(More)