J. Danobeitia

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The S-transform is becoming popular for time-frequency analysis and data-adaptive filtering thanks to its simplicity. While this transform works well in the continuous domain, its discrete version may fail to achieve accurate results. This paper compares and contrasts this transform with the better known continuous wavelet transform, and defines a relation(More)
We present a low complexity iterative method for estimation of symbols in mono or multicarrier systems where cyclic prefixes are combined to data symbols. We take advantage of the special structure of unknown convolutive channels of such systems and of the fact that the symbols belong to a finite alphabet. Even in a noisy environment, it gives good results(More)
A reliable and objective classification method has been produced for the differentiation of benthic habitats in the seamount regions of the North-Eastern Alboran Sea. Acoustic backscatter and depth measurements from multi-beam data are automatically fused and then classified using video transects of known cold-water coral ecosystems as ground-truth. Results(More)
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