J. Daniel Fernández

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The lack of published evidence supporting the use of APRV in the pediatric critical care patient population may diminish its effective application in respiratory failure. The effect of APRV on the number of ventilator days, ICU stay, and mortality still remains to be studied. Further application of APRV in the role of rest settings for ECMO especially in(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with total anomalous pulmonary venous connection can be problematic, particularly those with mixed-type pathology. We aimed to describe a cohort of patients with mixed-type anomalous drainage, highlighting the treatment challenges, and identifying risk factors for poor outcome. METHODS We reviewed the clinical records of patients who(More)
BACKGROUND The present era of health care places major emphasis on significantly reducing cost and resource utilization while maintaining quality of care and patient satisfaction. Clinicians are being challenged to achieve this within the framework of a patient subset that is increasing in severity of disease and risk-adjusted mortality. The Brigham and(More)
Fatal hydrogen sulphide poisoning usually occurs in confined spaces. We report two fatal accidents in unconfined spaces. The first accident caused the death of three workers who entered an unconfined room in a silo of sludge at the same time that a truck dumped several tons of sludge from water purification stations. The hydrogen sulphide that had(More)
Cardiomyoplasty has the potential to become an alternative therapy for congestive heart failure patients and is presently in Phase III clinical trials. In experimental studies, it is necessary to use an animal with muscle characteristics that resemble those of humans. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare morphological and biochemical(More)
For several years we carried out a follow-up of two patients with IgA mesangial glomerulonephritis with antecedents of exposure to toxic substances (cadmium and organic solvents). The first case involved a 47 year old male who was diagnosed with mesangial IgA glomerulonephritis eight years ago; he had been working for twelve years as a solderer. He had used(More)
SCADA systems are a kind of industrial control systems which remotely monitor and even operate signal-emitting components, typically those involved in physical industrial processes. SCADA systems have been around for decades, but with the popularization of the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) they reach a whole new dimension: managing not(More)
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