J Damas-Mora

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The clinical condition occurring in the elderly with preserved intellectual functions, characterized by vivid, elaborate and dynamic recurrent visual pseudo-hallucinatory phenomena of a pleasant or neutral nature and often associated with ocular pathology - the Charles Bonnet Syndrome - is described. Its main clinical features are illustrated and the(More)
The duration of standardised overbreathing required to produce slow wave activity in the EEG during different phases of the menstrual cycle has been studied, and changes in carbon dioxide sensitivity of the respiratory system. Normal subjects developed slow waves more quickly and had more sensitive CO2 responses during the premenstrual/menstrual phases.(More)
Resting breathing rate, resting end-tidal PCO2 and ventilatory response to CO2 were studied in patients with primary depression. Patients tended to breathe faster and showed decreased PECO2 levels when compared with control subjects. Carbon dioxide response was determined using a modification of the rebreathing technique of Read. Endogenous depressives,(More)
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