J Dall'Ava-Santucci

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Sleep-wake states were studied following withdrawal in 36 adult male wistar alcohol-dependent rats, after chronic administration of ethanol (10 g/kg/24 h) for 13 days. In the light phase of the withdrawal day, 12 alcohol-dependent rats received muscimol (0.25 mg/kg), 12 received homotaurine (140 mg/kg), and 12 received 0.9% physiological saline (10 ml/kg).(More)
This study investigated the relations between nasal transepithelial electric potential difference (PD) and the phenotype and genotype of cystic fibrosis (CF) adult patients. Basal nasal PD was measured in 95 adult CF patients who were classified into three groups of nasal PD (expressed as absolute values) according to the 10th and the 90th percentiles (28.3(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to determine whether the major nasal airway ion transport abnormalities in cystic fibrosis (that is, defective cAMP regulated chloride secretion and basal sodium hyperabsorption) are related to the clinical expression of cystic fibrosis and/or to the genotype. METHODS Nasal potential difference was measured in 79 adult(More)
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