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Annexins in Paramecium cells. Involvement in site-specific positioning of secretory organelles.
Annexins were isolated from Paramecium cell homogenates by standard ethylene glycol tetraacetic acid (EGTA) extraction and 100 000-g centrifugation. Two different antibodies (Abs) against syntheticExpand
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Caffeine inhibits Ca2+ uptake by subplasmalemmal calcium stores ('alveolar sacs') isolated from Paramecium cells.
Caffeine inhibits 45Ca2+ sequestration by subplasmalemmal calcium stores ('alveolar sacs') of low thapsigargicin sensitivity which we have isolated from the ciliated protozoan, ParameciumExpand
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A 63 kDa phosphoprotein undergoing rapid dephosphorylation during exocytosis in Paramecium cells shares biochemical characteristics with phosphoglucomutase.
We have enriched phosphoglucomutase (PGM; EC approximately 20-fold from Paramecium tetraurelia cells by combined fractional precipitation with (NH4)2SO4, gel filtration and anion-exchangeExpand
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Naloxone treatment for five days ineffective in schizophrenia
ABSTRACT – A double‐blind cross‐over study on the neuroendocrine and behavioural effects of naloxone, 10 mg/day, was performed in 12 male, acute and chronic schizophrenic patients, currently treatedExpand
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Engineering of substrate mimetics as novel-type substrates for glutamic acid-specific endopeptidases: design, synthesis, and application.
This account reports on the development and function of novel substrate mimetics as artificial substrates for Glu-specific endopeptidases. Firstly, in an empirical way, various aliphatic and aromaticExpand
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Reverse catalysis of elastase from porcine pancreas in frozen aqueous systems.
The reverse action of a trypsin-free elastase isolated from porcine pancreas was studied in frozen aqueous systems. Under frozen state conditions, porcine pancreatic elastase was able to catalyseExpand
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Substrate mimetics and freezing strategy: a useful combination that broadens the scope of proteases for synthesis.
[reaction: see text] We present an irreversible and efficient protease-based method for peptide synthesis which occurs independently of the primary specificity of proteases and also withoutExpand
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Athena’s “Unreasonable Advice”: The Education of Telemachus in Ancient Interpretations of Homer
The ancient commentators focus on Telemachus not in order to illustrate education, but to find justifications for Athena's interventions and conduct.
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