J D Wencel-Drake

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Gel filtered human platelets contaminated with less than 0.02% of plasma protein S contained 490 ng of protein S antigen per 3 X 10(8) platelets, equivalent to 2.5% of protein S in whole blood. Three patients with heterozygous plasma protein S deficiency, a congenital disorder associated with venous thrombotic disease, had platelet protein S antigen levels(More)
In agonist-stimulated platelets, the integrin alpha IIb beta 3 (glycoprotein IIb-IIIa) is converted from an inactive to an active fibrinogen receptor, thereby mediating platelet aggregation. With time after agonist addition, at least two events occur: fibrinogen becomes irreversibly bound to the platelet and, when stirring is delayed, platelets lose the(More)
To investigate the possibility that thrombin and/or other platelet activators change the platelet surface expression of glycoprotein IV (GPIV, CD36), we used a panel of five GPIV-specific monoclonal antibodies (OKM5, 5F1, FA6-152, 8A6, and F13) directed against different epitopes. All these antibodies bound to resting platelets in a concentration-dependent(More)
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