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The embryological formation and anatomy of the rests of Malassez are described and their possible roles of health and disease are discussed. It is emphasized that the rests are worthy of new interest and further study. They comprise a structure whose precise anatomy still is in need of accurate description and in which the presence or absence of a(More)
The structure of the rests of Malassez and the relationship which they bear to the junctional epithelium in the marginal region of pigs' molars was investigated. A 3-dimensional picture of the marginal rests and their relationship to the junctional epithelium was built up by means of standardized photomicrographs made from serial sections. In teeth involved(More)
Formation of the junctional epithelium was studied by routine light microscopy in the molar teeth of commercially slaughtered pigs. It was found that the process whereby the reduced enamel epithelium (REE) contributed to the junctional epithelium formation corresponded largely with changes in man previously described by Schroeder and Listgarten (Monographs(More)