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In this paper, we study the potential benefit of base-station (BS) cooperation for downlink transmission in a modified Wyner-type multicell model. Besides the dirty-paper-coding (DPC) precoder, we also analyze several linear precoding schemes, including co-phasing, zero-forcing (ZF) and MMSE precoders. For the nonfading case, analytical sum rate expression(More)
This paper presents a distributed beamforming technique that addresses the effect of inter-cell interference on the downlink of cellular communications systems. The beamforming weights are computed in a distributed manner at each transmit sector antenna array without the need for inter-sector communication. The beamforming weights are chosen to compromise(More)
Recently analyzed long-term Zircaloy autoclave corrosion data were used to develop new Zircaloy corrosion correlations. Calculations were performed to estimate the additional quantity of corrosion that may be experienced by spent Zircaloy-c1ad fuel assemblies from long-term exposure to geologic repository conditions. These estimates indicate that the level(More)
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