J. D. Seader

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The interval Newton's method in conjunction with generalized bisection, as implemented in the public domain mftware program INTBIS by Kearfott and Novoa, is a method of miring single and simultaneous nonlinear equatiom. In this paper, this method is used m solve 15 test problems from different chemical engineering application areas, and an ill-scaled(More)
A new continuationmethod, which applies a new homotopy that is a combination of the fixed-point and Newton homotopies (FPN), is developed for seeking all real solutions to a nonlinear equation, written as f(x) = 0, without having to specify a bounded interval. First, the equation to be solved is multiplied by (x− x0), where x0 is the starting value,which is(More)
Recently, significant attention has been shown to physical and chemical equilibrium and stability analysis in the real and complex domains. In this work, a new procedure involving the continuation method in the complex domain using bifurcation theory is propounded. Based on this method, homotopy branches in real and complex space are connected to each other(More)
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